Children's Ministry (Kingdom Kids—G.R.O.W.)

Kingdom Kids - Sign up today!

Your children will G. R. O. W.

G - Get to make new friends.

R - Read and learn essential Bible truths for life.

O - Offer worship to God by singing praise to God.

W - Work on fun crafts.

Bring out your children to experience a Bible based ministry that will enrich their lives spiritually.  We are living in a culture that in many ways is militant to the Christian faith and morally corrupt.  Our kids seldom get exposure to the truth of God's Word in our society.  This is one of the many reasons why we should equip our children with God's Word.  The Kingdom Kids ministry will help your children to connect weekly with God through Christ.  Invest in the faith of your children by bringing them out this Wednesday.

The Kingdom Kids program entails Bible lessons, fun crafts, and singing praise to God.  The children discover vital truths of the Christian faith in a fun and inviting environment.  They learn to love, appreciate, and apply God's Word in their lives. This program equips children with the substance of the Christian faith that is absolutely essential to building their spiritual foundation for life.

Email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to sign up your child today!

Unlike many other programs, Kingdom Kids is free just like the gift of salvation.

Meeting Time: Wednesdays from 7-8:00 p.m. except for May-August.

Ages: 4 years old through 5th grade.

We look forward to having your children involved in this wonderful character building program!

Sunday School - Build Faith in Your Children!

Sunday School at Faith Community Church is one of our strongest ministries. Of course, we're partial, but we think that our church has one of the best Sunday school programs in Houston. Our curriculum is strongly based upon the Bible and comprehensive in its scope and sequence. If your child goes through our Great Commission Publication curriculum, he or she will cover all of the main stories and theological themes of the Scriptures from Genesis to Revelation. The curriculum takes the Bible seriously and seeks to apply the Scriptures to every area of life. We firmly believe that the Bible should affect the way we think and live. As a result, we have chosen what we believe is the best curriculum that we could find to meet these objectives from a Reformed Perspective. We are a progressive Reformation church that embraces the rich teachings of the protestant reformation which are the heritage of all Biblically-minded evangelical protestant churches. Our teachers are loving Christian servants that enjoy teaching children.

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