Canvass with Faith

Join us every third Saturday as we go out into the surrounding community to canvass a local neighborhood using flyers to give a friendly invite to our church and events. This is a wonderful opportunity to do something not only healthy for your body (i.e. walking is great for us) but also healthy for the soul. God has saved His people not to hide their faith but to reach out to World. Sadly, most churches today do little to make contact with their neighbors while the cults diligently grow with their constant house to house visitations. It is important that Christians get out to their communities and invite people to their churches. Canvassing also opens up possible times to communicate the love of God and His precious Gospel in a personal way (Acts 20:20). When we canvass, we not only pass out flyers but we seek to pray for God's blessing upon the homes we touch.

So, we hope you can make it out for our next outreach adventure as we canvass with faith!

If you are interested in more information about getting involved with this ministry, give the church office a call at 281-997-3660.

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