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Faith Community Church Library Policy

Mission Statement: The library will seek to receive, maintain, and monitor resources to help to equip ministries and individual with material that is consistent with the purpose of our church.  It will also seek to encourage the congregation to develop a Reformed Christian World and Life understanding that helps support the overall mission statement of the church.

Eligibility for Use: Library materials are available for use by all Faith Community Church, Pearland, members, their relatives, and guests. All materials are to be checked out in the name of a member who is responsible for the safe and timely return of the items.

Staff:  The library will be overseen by a coordinator and various volunteers that assist with this ministry. 

Location:  The library is located in the main building across the exit hallway from the sanctuary.

Reception policy:  Every resource that is added to the library must be approved by the church library coordinator and the pastor.  Resources that are added need to be consistent with the reformed faith as expressed in the Westminster Confession of Faith.  Some resources may not be overtly Christian such as some history books, but even such resources must reflect an accurate rather than revised perspective that is antagonistic to our faith.  Every resource should build up the saints for the work of ministry. 

Manned Hours of operation:

Sunday morning:
10:30 a.m. – 10:55 a.m.
12:15 p.m. – 12:30 p.m.

The library is open Wednesday evenings for self check-out.

Call Kim McAvoy if you have any questions or potential resource donations for the library.

Circulation Policy:

Media Length of Check Out Renew
Books                        2 weeks                         2 times
Videos                       2 weeks                         2 times
CD's and tapes            2 weeks                         2 times
Tape Albums              2 weeks                         2 times

Media should not be renewed if someone else has requested the item.

A book drop is located in the library for deposit of media after library hours. Teachers may checkout material needed for study for no longer than a Sunday school quarter.

Please limit items checked out to:

4 books per person

10 books per family

3  DVDs per family

Items that are lost or damaged should be replaced. Please check with the director for cost.

Non-circulating Material: certain reference items are not circulated so that they may be continually available to all library users, for instance dictionaries or atlases. They are marked R on the spine for Reference Only.

Selection Guide:

The coordinator and staff of the Library are committed to helping the members and various ministries of Faith Community Church fulfill the church's purpose. We serve a membership that has a wide spectrum of preferences and needs. However, all media, whether purchased or donated, should meet the following criteria:

•  Doctrinally and scripturally correct

•  Accurate in facts

•  High moral value and positive in influence

•  Reflect Christian standards of conduct

•  Of high literary or technical quality

•  Include and reflect sound educational methods and aid in learning

•  Authors lives should be consistent with their writing

•  Approved by Library staff

From time to time certain media may be challenged by church members as inappropriate for the church library. We work hard to maintain the library standards set forth above but may occasionally miss something important. We appreciate the input of our church members in helping us achieve those goals. Please bring any problems you may have with library materials to the attention of our library staff and request a review if you have doubts about a book or DVD. All requests will be reviewed by the Library Ministry Team and a decision will be made by the Team. The ministerial staff will be the final authority.

Gift Policy:

Gifts are essential to the Library for the purchase of new media. Monetary gifts as memorials, honorariums for individuals or groups, or as a donation are greatly appreciated. Gifts in the form of media must meet the same selection criteria as purchased media. Media should be in like-new condition with no markings or underlining. It is suggested that prior to the donation of media, the donor should check with the director to avoid the duplication of media. This is especially true for donations of large numbers of books due to space limitations. No provisional gifts will be accepted. All media not used in this library may be given to other organizations or libraries for their usage.

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